The Keystone Experience

The Keystone Experience

Join us as we talk all things outdoors! From tips, tricks, and tactics for hunting. To the gear we use, to film and create the show! Nothing's off limits when you tune into The Keystone Experience!

Nov. 26, 2021

Hunting waterfowl with mountain man & Walt Riddell

Have you ever wanted to waterfowl hunt? If so this is the episode for you! Walt Riddell and Rob give us the 101 to waterfowl hunting. From the different types of shot sizes needed. To how they setup decoys in both fields and ...

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Nov. 12, 2021

Yinzer Outdoors

Alex Helzel and Skyler Craven of Yinzer Outdoors stop by and tell us about their passion for the outdoors and what Yinzer Outdoors is all about. They have had a great season so far this year so don't miss this episode and mak...

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Oct. 29, 2021

Mountain Man strikes first

An early season update from Rob & Matt this week. Plus a tip on why you should be moving stands and cameras during the season. Rob tells us about his trip to film for Nevins hunting friends and the fun he had there. CHECK OUT...

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Oct. 15, 2021

Mock scrapes with Apparition Scents

Deerlure Dave gives you tips and tricks to setting up your mock scrapes with Apparition Scents. We go over the product line from Dave and how to use it. If your looking for an edge this fall you don’t want to miss this episod...

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Oct. 1, 2021

Trophy preparation with Forever Ridge Taxidermy

Hunting season is finally here and we are joined by Mike Chesla from Forever Ridge Taxidermy. Mike goes over the necessary steps to get your trophy from the field to your wall with the least amount of damage done. We talk abo...

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Sept. 17, 2021

Tips and tactics before you hit the woods

Archery season is almost here and this week we go over some things we do before we hit the woods. We talk about last minute stand movements, scent control products and a bunch of other topics to get you ready for this deer se...

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About the Hosts

Matt Pitzer


Matt didn't get into hunting until his early 20's. Thanks to good and patient friends he quickly found a new passion and love for hunting. If he has any free time you'll find him in one of 3 places. Creek Archery, the woods, or riding his Harley. While he got a late start into hunting he is passing down what he has learned so far to his two sons Tanner and Colten. Tanner has already had success at an early age. Harvesting his first deer at the age of 6 with his crossbow.

Better behind the mic and camera than a rifle!
Relies on a microwave for most of his cooking.
Can enjoy Jack Daniels a little to much at times.
Has over 40 hats but only wears about 4 of them.

Rob Warrick


Rob "Mountain Man" Warrick started hunting and trapping at the age of 12. At 16 he bought his first bow and has been hooked on the outdoors since. Outside of chasing whitetails he also loves turkey hunting and morel mushroom hunting. He has passed his love of the outdoors onto his two children Hunter and Hailey. If Rob isn't in the woods or at Creek Archery he's out tearing up the pavement on his Harley. He was born 250 years to late making him a modern day mountain man!

Can shoot his muzzle-loader farther and more accurately than Matt can his rifle!
Always samples anything he plans on feeding to animals.
Enjoys building model cars.
Has an obsession with oatmeal cream pies.
Has a special beard comb to keep his beard in tip top shape.