Chasing Mule Deer with Steve Rocco

October 09, 2020

Chasing Mule Deer with Steve Rocco
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We catch up with CEO Steve Rocco on how his trip to Hidden Valley Outfitters in Nebraska went. Steve met up with The Virtue Tv and Respect the Game Tv for a week of chasing muley's and whitetail! Find out how Steve was able to get the drop of his first ever Mule deer and make sure to listen to the end for an update on Keystone Wild Outdoors Tv and when you can see new content from us!

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Steve Rocco

Founded in 2016 KWO showcases realistic outdoor experience's by the working class outdoorsman.From the woodlots of Pennsylvania to the mountains of Montana, Follow along with the action on Fox 53 Pittsburgh and 22ThePoint!